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Anime. I like anime!

I watch a lot of anime, cartoons, movies.
If a person says that I don’t like anime, I ask if you’ve watched Miyazaki’s anime, and if not, I make you watch it. I always recommend anime created by Miyazaki to everyone!
I love the creations of this man and there are no people in my environment who have not seen at least 5 of his top anime.
They heal the soul!
This is not an anime, this is a masterpiece.
You may not like anime series, drawings or plots, but there is not a single person in my environment who would be dissatisfied with Miyazaki’s films. I know for sure – I checked it.
I will write you a list of his anime in the order in which I recommend watching them. The first three are required viewing even just to diversify your inner world.

“Walking castle”
“My Neighbor Totoro”
“The Witch’s Delivery Service”
“Spirited Away”
“Castle in the Sky”
“Princess Mononoke”
“Ponyo Fish on the Cliff”
“Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”
“The wind is picking up”
“Porco Rosso”

P.S. I’ll try to make a list of anime for you and add it here, but writing a list without writing you a review is boring, so give me some time.