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I will teach you how to wash long hair properly

Step-by-step description of how I wash my hair.
Based on my own experience.

Where to start
The soaping process
Wash off the shampoo with water
We are engaged in hair length
Wrap up wet hair

Hi! Who came to me by chance, I am the owner of 1m 20 cm hair, not very thick, you can look at me here. But we are working and improving what nature has given me. I publish this text as an answer to the frequently asked question “how do you wash your hair?”.

Where to start
We begin washing long hair with careful combing.
Then we moisten the combed hair with water.
If I wash my own head, I do it standing up. After all, if the hair is thrown back and forth, they get confused.

The soaping process
Pour the shampoo into the palm of your hand and foam it well. Only then we apply the finished foam to the hair roots. Massage with the pads of your fingers (not with your nails!). Leave the foam on your head for a minute.

Wash off the shampoo with water
I wash it off so that the foam flows down the length of the hair.
Be sure to repeat the part with shampoo.

Yes, yes – we apply shampoo twice, the first to remove dirt, the second to wash the “fat” from the hairs.

We foam the shampoo again and wash my head again. Along the length of the hair, I also spend foam (not confusing, lightly).

Then we wash off the foam by directing a stream of water along the hair growth. Now we check the hair near the roots: gently pulling them, a “squeak of cleanliness” should appear. Only this sound will whisper to you that you have washed your hair thoroughly and correctly.

If the “sound of clean hair” appeared – congratulations, you did everything right.

We are engaged in hair length
Then we deal only with the length of the hair – we apply a mask / balm / serum if desired…
My favorite way is to mix a mask with a serum. Let’s leave a nourishing / moisturizing / therapeutic … mass for as long as we can afford: you can walk under a shower cap and walk for a couple of hours, or you can wash it off in three minutes.

After that, rinse the length of the hair with cool water.

Wrap up wet hair
Gently squeeze out excess water and ideally wrap our hair in a silk towel, well, or a knitted fabric😉

I do not recommend using terry towels. Although it depends on personal preferences and feelings. I use towels only when traveling or if it’s very cold, well, it’s also good to wrap up masks with them.

I don’t comb wet hair and I don’t advise anyone to do it. When they dry themselves, they need to be combed with fingers. From the tips rising higher. After combing your hair with your fingers, you can start your usual way of styling. I personally braid tight braids in order to then have a wave on my hair.

What exactly I use to wash my hair than mine, and what I use to care for my hair can be seen here.

A video of how you can untangle any knots and comb any hair here.

That’s it🤗

😅For those interested: According to the time, I need at least 7 minutes to wash my hair. Now mine every three or four days.

💞Hugging, I wish everyone beautiful hair💞

I do not consider myself an expert, I write only personal experience😊

© Dana Taranova, 2020

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