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List of anime

Oh, I’m telling you a list of animeshek that I watched and can recommend to you🧚🏻💕

Here’s what I saw (not all):
“The blade cleaves demons”
“Nausicaa of the Valley of the wind”,
“Witch’s delivery service”,
“Nice to meet you, God”
“My neighbor Totoro”,
“Witch’s flower”
“Sword art online”,
“The girl who conquered time”
“Code Geass”,
“Spirited away”,
“Moving castle”,
“Castle in the sky”,
“Death note”,
“Cute in France”,
“Your name”,
“Mad Passion”,
“This stupid pig, does not understand the dream girls Bunny”, “the cat returns”,
“Ponyo on the cliff”,
“Arrietty from the country of lilliput”,
“Whisper of the heart”,
“Princess Mononoke” and other🧚🏻

If you are just starting to watch anime, then here is a list that I recommend:
1. “My neighbor Totoro” – about a kind forest spirit🌳
2. “Witch delivery service— – about a witch who got a job in the city🧙🏻♀️
3. “Ponyo Fish on the cliff” – a children’s anime about a curious fish that wants to become a man🐠
4. “Carried away by ghosts— – about how the girl got into the spirit world, but very interesting💕
5. “Arrietty from the land of midgets” – the story of little midgets (a little sad)

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