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Nail care

📎What I use for nails right now:
✔️I have a nail file now Naomi professional washable file 180/220
✔️a means for softening the cuticle, I rarely use Eveline “stop sloppy cuticle” is called ☺ I tried better software options, but now this one copes with the task.
✔️scissors for cuticle trimming stalker PRO exclusive 33/1
✔️ORLY nail defense nail polish base
✔️moisturizing of the cuticle can be done with any hand cream. But I like the nourishing oil for nails and cuticles Eveline use at home when I remember. And Sally Hansen cuticle rehab is such a silicone remedy that always makes the cuticle look more well-groomed than it actually is, I carry such a remedy in my purse)

✅ Nail care:

The cuticle moves away every time after a shower, with your own nails with light movements. Something is cut off only when necessary. It must be remembered that the more you cut off the cuticle, the faster it grows.

✅ nail file — glass or ceramic is better, but others are also possible, just be sure to specify whether it is suitable for natural nails. Metal nail files are not suitable. There is always a number on the nail file (this is the degree of granularity of the material, measured in grits). It can be used to determine whether it is suitable for natural nails. I use nail files with a value of 180/220 grit, but if you have thin and weak nails, use nail files with a grain of 400 grit and higher.

To make the nail “shine by nature”, it is polished with a buff — this is such a polishing soft nail file. Don’t skimp on it. Cheap – the effect will not give!

✅ any colored varnish needs a base. This is such a transparent varnish, better than good quality. Then a colored one is applied to it. By the way, from the color you only need the color itself, and that it is applied normally and that’s it. The brand and its quality are not important. I usually have two layers of foundation and only then a layer or two of colored varnish. When you paint, swipe the nail tip with varnish — this will prolong the durability of the manicure.

✅ Where the root of the nail is – it is necessary to moisturize. I love different nail oils, but hand cream is also suitable. Go through the cream on the cuticle and the manicure will look neater, and it is useful for nails.

✅ If you do not use the base under the varnish, most likely the nails will turn yellow or may darken (for example, from nuts). It is not necessary to saw or grind them, you need to wipe them with a piece of lemon and everything will pass in a couple of times.

✅ if you need to strengthen your nails, do a simple procedure. Do a nail bath for 10 days. In a small bowl (into which you can lower your nails), pour well-warm water and a lot of any salt, you can use ordinary or iodized and put your fingers there for 10 minutes.
Believe it or not, but no super-shortened varnish will strengthen your nails better than ordinary salt.

натуральныйa natural nail will not look like an extended one, because the longer the natural nail is, the more likely it is that it will start to curl. You will be surprised, but it is so. Long nails always tend to twist. An even length can be up to 1 cm, then at least on one finger, but still something will start to “twist”.
People often write to me: “Get a manicure” or “When you get a manicure.” Let’s be clear: manicure is primarily nail care, not painting them. Don’t forget about it.

Many modern manicure masters have no idea what to do with nails like mine. Although they can certainly put things in order. But I go to manicures more for interest.
Now most manicure masters work on gel varnishes, which I do not use, and they already refuse simple varnishes, or leave only basic colors, and I want something more interesting.

✅ There are some more secrets. For example, how to glue a crack on a nail? Is it possible to save a nail that is half broken? But I was not allowed to write about them, because if you do it wrong, you can hurt yourself.

✅ And last but not least. There is an unpleasant moment: a long nail can sometimes bend and tear off the nail plate from the finger or crack in the place where the center of the living nail is and it hurts terribly. This is perhaps the only drawback of long nails. It’s good that this happens very rarely.

No, I don’t scratch myself and I don’t scratch others 🙈

That’s all I know about nails today 😜

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