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What kind of hair tip oils do you use?

I don’t bother with the composition, I try a lot, I’m looking for the ideal))
I give a list of those that I have tried from the best to the worst, purely according to my feelings and ease of use.
Once again I write this is MY choice, I do not recommend or advertise. I’m answering the question.

1. Kerastase elixir ultime – for every day, you can do it twice a day. Before each combing, a drop between the palms and scratching with fingers along the entire length.

2. Phytodess dry oil – there are different types — all are good for protecting hair from the sun, bleach in the pool, sea water. I use it only as protection. It’s a little heavy for every day. I apply it to the entire length, but after the pool, for example, I immediately wash it off qualitatively.

3. CHI silk infusion – I like the effect if applied to wet tips. For the entire length of the hair except the roots.

4. Macadamia – nourishes noticeably, for some reason it is often given)), I feel it on my hair and I don’t like it.

5.The most affordable L’Oréal, if you haven’t tried anything else, you may like it).

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