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Delivery time – from 10 days
** The terms of delivery of shipments are indicated in working days from the capital to the capital and do not include the day of pick-up of the shipment. The delivery dates are indicative and cannot be regarded as clearly defined and guaranteed, may differ from those indicated in the MAINE or on the Website and do not include:
• the day of the transfer of the MEO for transportation;
• weekends;
• official holidays;
• days on which banking institutions are closed;
• duration (periods) of delays related to the security check of shipments;
• terms of customs clearance of shipments;
• delays caused by circumstances beyond the Contractor’s control.

Shipping cost ⤵️ (if you have not found your country,
write to us to clarify the shipping cost).
Ukraine (UA) – 50 UAH.
USA (US) – 900 UAH.
Canada (CA) – 1220 UAH.
Great Britain (GB) – 1100grn
Spain (ES) – 1220 UAH.
France (FR) – 1000 UAH.
Germany (DE) – 1000 UAH.
Norway (NO) – 1220 UAH.
Australia (AU) – 1540 UAH.
Pakistan (PK) – 1320 UAH.

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