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Hello, I’m Dana!

I live in Ukraine, in Kiev.

My height – 160 cm
My weight is 39 kg

The length of the hair is always 120 cm. I keep one length. I like it so much. My hair length is hereditary. And although I know how to properly care for my hair, I have no magic way to make your hair long. But I have text and video on hair care.

I have been engaged in professional sports for 5 years (now only for myself). I love sports and this is a big part of my life.

I have an account on Instagram, where I often write about myself and put photos.
I have two channels on YouTube.
One of them is for teenagers and lovers of social networks. There are vlogs and training videos,
and the second with my workouts, backstages, positive and motivational videos.

If you like what I do, encourage me with like and comment.
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