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My long hair in which I do not see anything special

Now I will tell you about the hair that you love so much that I envy you for my own hair)
Long hair is a genetic gift of maternal women.
In the family of women, everyone has different hair: my grandmother has red and very thick hair, my mother has straight and dark hair, and I have wavy and thin hair, they all have one thing in common – hair grows quickly and easily becomes long. Usually people do not appreciate what comes easy to them, so my mother and grandmother have short haircuts, they are tired of taking care of the length. I’m sure someday I’ll cut my hair too.

The following are facts about my hair that I wrote based on your questions:
* I need at least 7 minutes to wash my hair. This is as fast as possible, but if then I need to run somewhere, then I will run with wet hair)
* To completely dry my hair with a hairdryer, I need another 10-15 minutes.
* I often change my hair care, but there are rules that I adhere to:
– I wash my hair twice in a row in one wash.
– I always use a balm or a mask.
– I don’t brush wet hair.
– I apply leave-in treatment to the ends of my hair.

I cut my hair as needed, usually I cut it to 10 cm, depending on the condition of the tips.

Long hair has one big drawback – it gets tangled! Therefore, instead of long beautiful hair, I often wear bundles in the form of a not very neat mound of hair on my head. If you loosen your hair and comb it, then for the first couple of minutes it will look beautiful, and then it will crawl into clothes, wipe all surfaces in public places, and if you go out into the wind, then I will be like a hairy uncle from the Adams family. So if I shoot a video for you where you see loose hair, know that I made it especially for you. Remember that my main content is not about hair and I don’t make it my main feature. Long hair is only a temporary part of me, not me part of long hair. Accept me whole or pass by, you decide)