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Let’s talk about my nails

Let’s start with what is always of interest to everyone – no, they do not interfere with me at all in everyday affairs! Everything I need, I can do with a length of up to 3 cm. A length of more than 3.5 cm already requires some skill.
I explain: if you have a natural length, it grows gradually and you have time to get used to it, and if you stick long nails right away, then you don’t have time to get used to the length and it seems to you that even holding the pen while recording is a problem. People who make up jokes about people with long nails just never had long nails of their own, that’s the root of the stupid myths.
Healthy nails + good genes – that’s the whole secret of long nails. They grow on their own, requiring only shape adjustments. A natural long nail will never be perfect, the longer the nail, the more likely it is to turn in one direction – this is inevitable.
I rarely paint my nails when they are long, it looks a bit weird. I wear color on my nails when they are classic length. If one nail breaks, I often cut off the entire length and wait for it to grow back. By the nails you can very quickly see what state my body is in – for me this rule always works. If the nails do not break, retain density and flexibility (yes, the nail can bend a little and it won’t break if healthy), then everything is in order with vitamins, minerals and immunity. Sometimes nails break so quickly that they don’t even have time to grow up to 2 cm, then I know without tests and doctors that I need to restore my health.

Troublesome moments with very long nails
1) Sometimes the nail breaks in the place where it should not (where the nail has grown to the finger) and hurts a lot, then it hurts for a long time until it grows back. But that rarely happens.
2) There are people who are afraid or unpleasant to see long nails, this can be attributed to psychological diseases and is also rare.
3) I learned about this nuance from my mother. I didn’t dial on a rotary phone so I didn’t understand the problem, but my mom was constantly being limited by the length of her fingernails when she needed to dial a number on a landline dial. Remember those round dial dials that spin? If your nails are longer than 1 cm, you can certainly dial the number, but this is inconvenient.
I don’t know of any other restrictions for long nails. What cannot be done with a fingernail can be done with a knuckle of a finger.
Perhaps I can add that I wash my hands a little longer than a person without long nails. That’s all I can tell you.

Article on nail care later.