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Feet care by Dana Taranova (at home)

Feet care by Dana Taranova (at home)


Like everyone else who played sports professionally, my feet have a defect.
If you stand on “slides” from childhood, then by adolescence you will get feet that need additional care.
The video shows my usual foot care routine.
I’m not a fan of one color on my nails, so I only use temporary,
regular polishes that I can apply myself and easily remove after a couple of days.
My daily routine includes minimal massage.
And once a week I remove the cuticles myself and shape my nails.
Be sure to moisturize my “sports calluses.”

My feet are my foundation, they support the weight of my body all the time
and there are many important points for health on the feet
(I will tell you more about this if this topic is interesting to you).

I try to always wear comfortable shoes. When it comes to footwear,
I prefer sneakers or closed shoes a size larger.
I only wear heels and narrow shoes for special events or filming,
as foot comfort is a priority for me.

I used to be embarrassed to show my feet in public because
I don’t consider this part of my body particularly attractive.
But a large number of compliments from my subscribers influenced
my opinion and now I definitely love everything about myself.

Thank you, my small but faithful percentage of feet fetishists,
for the fact that I was able to accept in myself even that part
of the body that I had previously hidden.

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