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About the passion for vinyl

Most people at the sight of old stalls and shops often looking like basements with a little “Vinyl Records/Cassettes” sign on them will pass by, but me, I will walk briskly at the call of 70s, 80s, 90s music, with high expectations going into a dark basement room. I love that kind of thing, you know😌
It doesn’t stress me out digging through it for hours, even if I don’t end up with any acquisitions. The look, the sound, even the smell, all of it, makes me feel like I’m immersed in the atmosphere of a time when it was all just coming into fashion.
I am not a hoarder, as you might mistakenly think. I am a lover of rarities and a vinyl collector✨.
At the moment I have a big collection of vinyl records: normal, collectible, small, colour etc.💓.
And it all started with a hobby of my grandfather, now almost 80 years old, and the old movies and music my parents pummeled me with as a child. Thanks to (as my parents say) “taste education” I love music and movies from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. I’ve watched a lot of Jean Paul Belmondo, Adriano Celentano and many other films that kids don’t normally watch. I waited until I was older just to watch Pulp Fiction. A lot of good stuff was watched by me, all set to the music of those years. When my mother was pregnant with me, she noticed that I responded well to Elvis Presley songs. Later my childhood memories are of riding in the car to heavy rock. All this led me to beg my grandfather for my first vinyl record player and take all the records I liked away from him. Anyone who follows me on Instagram can see how my electronics have changed, and how I first got my Denon DP-450 USB White and then built up a record collection which I’m very proud of.
I now have almost all of the rare records I wish I had (at this point in time).
Of the collections, at the moment I have a lot of Nirvana records, Beatles, I keep adding records from other artists as well. And now I’m trying to hunt for the rarest and most limited edition records. Since you often ask me what’s in my record collection, I’m going to list my records for you, which I hope will only grow over time.

Here is my record collection at the moment:
1. Pretty Guardin Sailot Moon, The 30th Anniversary Memorial Album
2. Gorilaz, Cracker Island
3. Gorillaz, Demon days
4. Grimes, Art Angeles
5. Grimes, Visions
6. Peggy go, I go
7. Sliverchair, frogstomp
8. Kiss, Alive
9. Arctic Monkeys, favorite worst nightmare
10. Arctic Monkeys, AM
11. Queen, greatest hits
12. Guardians of the galaxy, awesome mix vol 1
13. Guardians of the galaxy, awesome mix vol 1 (Other format)
14. Молчат дома, (Molchat Doma) этажи
15. Blondie, parallel lines
16. Credence clearwater revival, traveling bans
17. Rolling Stones, lady Jane
18. Pink Floyd, breathe (in the air)
19. Guns N’roses, appetite for destruction
20. Ac dc, alive
21. Social gues, cage the elephant
22. Lady Gaga, burn this way
23. Beatles, abbey road
24. The wombats, fix yourself not the world
25. Aqua, aquarium
26. Scorpions, nest of the scorpions
27. Twisted sister, stay hungry
28. Thee oh sees, help
29. Slipknot, the great chapter
30. Rammstein, mutter
31. Creedence, clearwater revival the collection
32. John lennon and Yoko Ono, double fantasy
33. Post Malone, Hollywoods bleeding
34. Janis Joplin, Greatest hits
35. Beatles, hits
36. Nirvana, incesticide
37. Nirvana, unplugged in New York
38. Nirvana, nevermind
39. Nirvana, bleach
40. Nirvana, in utero
41. Elvis presley(star)
42. Kino, Red wave presents (Группа крови)
43. Lana del Rey, burn to die
44. Lana deal Rey, NFR
45. Hard rock heretics
46. Aerosmith, pump