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Meet Dana

I’m starred with the usual introduction. On all social networks I know as Dana Taranova (danatar, danatarfairy). I’m 18, I’m from Ukraine, but not long ago I moved to Bulgaria and bought my first apartment.
Initially, I was saving for my first apartment in Kiev, but because of the war this became impossible, so I now life here in Bulgaria.
Briefly about me: I am a former gymnast, professional sports affected me and last year I became a certified stretching yoga instructor.
On social networks, I am a sports motivator and a lover of doing everything beautifully, even my workouts are aesthetic.
In real life, I’m a home barista, a vinyl creator, an esthete, a bit of an esotericist, a perfectionist, an anxious person, my own image maker, and 100% introverted.
By the way, this is why I once started bloging.
To learn how to communicate with people and combine at least a couple of words in one sentence.
Spoiler, it didn’t help to this day.
I remind a very privat person in real life, but in a weird world, I still become more sociable person.
But my main habitat is Instagram. I am there every day and I love this virtual little world most of all.
There is also a telegram channel and Facebook. Everything will be right and bellow in the.
If you want to see my progress in the video, then subscribe to me now, because I don’t plan to stop just there.
Bye bye everyone.

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